Three Rivers Theatre Company is an East Tennessee-based community theatre. As a non-profit arts organization, we rely heaviliy on ticket sales, tuition, donations and advertising to survive. As is the case with other arts organizations across the country, shutting down our operations earlier this year has resulted in unforseen and significant loss of revenue.

We need your support to continue to care for our monthly obligations, and create new entertainment experiences that will enlighten, educate and inspire the people of rural East Tennessee. Your donations can also help us obtain our own rehearsal and classroom space, shop and needed equipment for presenting our shows and classes. It is because of the many people who have provided financial support since we opened our doors last year that we have been able to weather the storm... so far.

By clicking on the button below, your donation to our Go Fund Me campaign will help sustain us through this period, eliminate a lingering debt and provide a base for the future is greatly appreciated!